This four-minute video takes us on a multifaceted tour through Japan, where music, sounds and images meet. The documentary #nippoff takes filmmaker Nils Hünerfürst on a 14 days journey across Japan, from islands to cities, passing by oceans and mountains, capturing lives and landscapes of these wonderful and inspiring country. Hundreds of thousands of videos and images taken. 1,5TB of data used, 22.000 RAW pictures and 2 months of editing. This short film features Japan like it has never seen before with pictures from Ishigaki, Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone and Tokyo.

Shot and edited by
Nils Hünerfürst

Title Design
Jan Schulz

produced by

Sound Design
Alexander Clement

Press Kit


Below you find all types of press footage which is free to use.
Still photos by David Südel and Alexander Wendler.